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Introducing the SCUBA SPECTM Prescription Spectacle Insert!
Prescription Insert for Use in Scuba and Snorkeling Masks

The Scuba Spec is designed to easily insert prescription lenses into a scuba or snorkeling mask so a diver has normal vision underwater.

The Scuba Spec can accomodate any prescription power, lens material, single or bifocal vision.  No distortion. No limitations. Have multiple masks or buying a new mask?  The Scuba Spec prescription spectacle insert is easily transferable between masks.  

Scuba Spec models #199EB and #137 EBP are designed for use in low-volume style dive masks.  The Scuba Spec is made of resilient nylon polymer and is available in black.

The Scuba Spec is a rx-correctable spectacle frame which is securely attached to the mask's faceplate using either a nylon anchor bracket (models #199 EB ) or a rubber suction cup (model #137 EBP).  

Scuba Spec model #199EB attaches to the mask's faceplate using an anchor bracket which is bonded to the glass using silicon rubber adhesive.  The rx-correctable spectacle frame snaps on and off of the anchor bracket.  Additional anchor brackets may be obtained so that the Scuba Spec can be used in multiple masks.  Scuba Spec model #137 EBP securely attaches to the mask faceplate using a rubber suction cup. The Scuba Spec prescription spectacle insert is designed to be used in any dive mask equipped with a single glass faceplate. 

Prescription lenses for the Scuba Spec can be obtained from our full service optical laboratory or your local eye care provider.  With Scuba Spec, your underwater visual abilities will be equivalent to those of a normally sighted diver. 

For divers requiring reading glasses, the Scuba Spec is also available with nonprescription reading lenses for close-up viewing of gauges, bottom features, etc.  Available powers for the reading segment are +1 through +3.5 diopters in 0.50 diopter increments.  The top half of each lens has no corrective power so that distance-vision is not impacted.  


199EB - Use your mouse to rotate the image 360 degrees!

137EBP - Use your mouse to rotate the image 360 degrees!

Complete Scuba Spec Unit:

The Complete Scuba Spec Unit consists of an IST M-12 Imperial dive mask with Scuba Spec Model #199EB installed.  The Imperial is a tri-view mask with center nose purge for hand-free water clearance.  Available mask colors:  clear skirt/blue trim (see picture); clear skirt/green trim; black skirt/black trim; and clear skirt/clear trim. 


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Information Sheet

Information Sheet Supplement

Mask with Scuba Spec #137EBP installed.

Scuba Spec Model #199 EB:
Prescription insert with anchor bracket designed for low-volume style dive masks.


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Alternate View  & Information Sheet


Scuba Spec Model #137 EBP:
Prescription insert with suction cup designed for low-volume dive masks.


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Alternate View & Information Sheet


Purchase your prescription lenses from our full service optical laboratory.
Fax or e-mail a copy of your prescription.  Please be sure to include your PD measurement.

If you live outside the USA, please include a contact phone number when ordering.  A phone number is required for international shipments.  


Prescription Single Vision = $65.00 Click Here For Single Vision Lenses
Prescription Bifocal Vision = $95.00 Click Here For Bifocal Lenses
Nonprescription Reading Lenses = $45.00 Click Here For Nonprescription Reading Lenses

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See also www.smokespec.com for SCBA respirator mask spectacle inserts.




Eyecare Professionals 
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The Scuba Spec Is Also Known As:
Prescription Glasses for Scuba Mask or Masks
Corrective Eyewear (Eyeware) for Scuba Divers
Corrective Eyewear (Eyeware) for Snorkeling
Prescription Scuba & Snorkeling Mask & Masks
Scuba & Snorkel Mask Prescription Lenses
Corrective Vision for Divers & Dive Masks 

Prescription Spectacle Inserts for Dive Mask & Corrective Masks

Reading Glasses for Scuba Masks